What we do


The pressure on cost and programme control on building projects is intense, reflecting the high financial stakes involved.Successful control requires the specialised engineering and legal resources that Forum has been developing for over twenty years.Whether providing a full project management package or performing an individual service, we put in place the necessary controls for protecting building-related investment commitments.

Project Management

Our goal is the mastery of the permanent balance of the relationship between:


We are managing the teams and actions so that the Owner only needs to intervene when genuinely necessary in a decision-making capacity.

Cost Control

Economic management begins during the sketch development, providing investors with the necessary information to allow the appropriate decisions to be made.

Forum support the design development process and seeks the most suitable construction systems and solutions for the project.

We support the development of projects to ensure a permanent control of the cost and quality balance.

We provide the complete mastery of construction contracts and the control of technical and economic performance of the work.

Time Control

We set up management structures for an anticipation treatment of potential delay situations.

We organize the design and execution teams and provide our customers all the information they need to make the right decisions in time.

Architectural assistance

We assist architects in defining the most adapted technical solutions. We are drawing up technical specifications and conditions of contract.

Our approach is rigorous and structured to ensure the set-up of contracts, leaving no place for any interpretation.

Works coordination

According to the specific nature of the project, it may be economically advantageous for an Owner to have the works performed by separate trades.

In such cases, Forum can take care of contractor’s coordination.

The means for ensuring coordination are studied and put in place prior to the start of the works: preparation of master programme and examination of the best of managing construction logistics resources.

We ensure compliance with these programmes during the execution of the works.

Individual services

Technical Due Diligence ;
Economic feasibility studies ;
Tender bid analysis ;
Technical and financial surveys ;
Housing project Owner custom fit-out management.

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